Virtual Reality and Guides

You can use our technology to enable people to access your building through the internet. A virtual guide can compliment your existing building or you can have a full virtual reality based building.

Technology and mobile phones can easily make your shop, tourist attraction or exhibition accessible to people with disabilities and people that read other languages. With our software you can have a virtual guide of your establishment in different languages. You can have users navigating through your virtual guide manually or by scanning QR codes. Some people find it difficult to read text on walls. Modern technology can solve this problem. The virtual guide can be hosted on your site, or we can host it for you.

The web browser based building navigation system has functionality for text, audio, video and 3D objects within their browser. You can also have 360", Dual Orbit or regular images. Viewers can select their favourite items and it our software logs what content they view throughout your venue.

We offer Virtual Reality features. You can use this to mimic an existing building or create an experience in a virtual world.

Our technology can be used in a variety of settings including shops, galleries, museums, and even theme parks.

Optionally you can provide access codes to ensure pages are only accessed at the venue.

You can also notify visitors about future exhibitions and events at your venue. Members can get Email notifications about particular exhibitions and RSVP for events..

Our software can maintain visitor profiles with their name, Email, age and you can see what they view. They can mark their favourite items. If they are outside of your venue you can choose to allow them to create a profile, edit their existing profile and view events/exhibitions through a public website.

If you're hosting the software yourself, your server must have PHP and MySQL installed, your server must also have ionCube.


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To order this software to host yourself, please start the process by entering the URL where the script will be installed.